Using the Vendor App

At the point of purchase in the shops.

Tap on the Humansis Vendor App icon on your phone.

Tap on the image of the item that the customer has chosen. (If the item does not appear in the list, then select Other)

Using the keypad, type the quantity of the item.

Then tap on the line next to the price and select the price per unit for the item. (For example, $1 per kilogram).

Tap on the Shopping Cart icon to continue.

Repeat the above process for all items chosen by the customer.

Tap on the Checkout button to continue the transaction process.

Tap on the Click Here to Scan button to begin scanning the vouchers.

Use the phone camera to scan the QR Code of each voucher until you reach the total amount of the purchase.

Tap on the Proceed button to finalise the transaction.

Then, once you have a stable internet connection, tap on the round arrows button on the top right of the screen to sync the app. If the sync is successful, a message will pop up to say ‘Data sync is successful’.

Transaction is completed.