Using the Vendor App

At the point of purchase in the shops.

Tap on the Humansis Vendor App icon on your phone.

Tap on the image of the item that the customer has chosen. (If the item does not appear in the list, then select Other)

Using the keypad, type the quantity of the item.

Then tap on the line next to the price and select the price per unit for the item. (For example, $1 per kilogram).

Tap on the Shopping Cart icon to continue.

Repeat the above process for all items chosen by the customer.

Tap on the Checkout button to continue the transaction process.

Tap on the Click Here to Scan button to begin scanning the vouchers.

Use the phone camera to scan the QR Code of each voucher until you reach the total amount of the purchase.

Tap on the Proceed button to finalise the transaction.

Then, once you have a stable internet connection, tap on the round arrows button on the top right of the screen to sync the app. If the sync is successful, a message will pop up to say ‘Data sync is successful’.

Transaction is completed.

Export Distribution Summary

Click on Projects page on the left menu bar

Click on the relevant project you wish to view

Click on the Export button in the top right hand corner of the table to begin the download

Open the .xlsx file on your local computer to view the data

Purchases with QR Code Vouchers

Open the Humansis – Vendor App

Enter your supplied username and password and click Login.

Once the customer has decided on the items they wish to purchase, please select the items from the list of photo based items from the left of the screen. Once you have clicked on the item, enter the number or weight of the item and then the quantity of items being purchased. Click on the shopping cart image to save the item in the purchase list.

Repeat this process until all items are entered into the system.

Then click on the Checkout button to proceed.

Once you have confirmed the final transaction amount is correct, click on the Click Here to Scan button.

Hold the smartphone image recorder over the QR codes on the vouchers and the app will automatically scan the code.

Once enough vouchers have been scanned, you can then click on Ok to finalise the transaction.

Convert Distribution Protocol to Import File Format

Please see here the correct file format for the distrbution protocol to be converted.

Distribution Protocol Template.xls

Click on Beneficiaries on the menu on the left of the screen.

Click on the +Add button on the top left of the table. Then click on Import.

Click on Convert File on the top left of the table.

Select the location of the region in which the imported beneficiaries are located.

Click on Add File.

*IMPORTANT* The convert file will be downloaded to your computer. Open the file from your computer’s download folder and save it to your documents folder.

Returning to the Humansis application. Drag and drop the file into the ‘Import File’ box. Click on the Projects drop down menu and select the project in to which this beneficiary information will be attached.

Then click on the Import button in the bottom right of the table.

If there are any issues with the file, a red popup warning message will appear at the bottom of the screen. Please fix the errors accordingly and try and re-import the file as per the above instructions.

If there are no issues, the households will import and you should receive a success message. Click on Ok to continue.

Create QR Code Voucher Batch

Click on Vouchers menu on the left of the screen.

Click on Add to add a new batch.

Define the number of booklets required in this batch.

Set the number of vouchers required per booklet.

Define the value of each voucher in the booklet. If the vouchers all have the same value, simply enter one value. If the value of the vouchers are different, then enter the value of each booklet separated by commas, listing each booklet value in order (For example for a booklet of five vouchers, the values might look like this: 100, 100, 200, 500, 500).

Select the currency of the vouchers from the drop down list.

(Optional) If a password is required, click on the Define a Password check box. Then set the four digit value of the password.

Click on Create to generate the batch of voucher booklets.

If you need to send the batch details to printers, then click on the arrow Export button and select .csv file. Then click on downloaded and the file will be downloaded to your computer.

Open the file in MS Excel. Click on the top left column to highlight column A.

Then select Data from the Excel menu.

Then click on the Text to Columns button.

Click Next.

Click to select Semicolon and click to deselect Tab.

Then click on Finish.

Running a Distribution in the Offline App

*CRITICAL* Distribution data must be synced before disconnecting from an active internet connection and operating in the field.


Open the Humansis user app on your mobile device.

Enter your username and password and click on Login.

The app should then automatically begin to sync all active Humansis data.

All projects with active distributions should be listed on the main page. Click on the upcoming project to check that the relevant distribution is listed.

Proceed to the field to begin the distribution.


At the point of distribution, open the app again.

Tap to select the project you are working on.

Then tap to select that day’s distribution from the list. (The most recent distribution will appear at the top of the list).

Tap in the ‘Search names’ bar to search for the beneficiary to whom you are distributing the item. You can type to search using the first or last name, their ID Card number, or their Humansis ID.

Once you have found the correct beneficiary, tap to select them.

If you have confirmed that their household details are accurate and this is the correct beneficiary, tap on the ‘Assign’ button to assign the respective item for distribution.


The screen will open the camera and you must point the screen at the next available booklet QR code you have.

If the booklet QR code scans correctly, you will be directed to a new screen with booklet and beneficiary details to confirm. If all the details are correct, tap on ‘Confirm’ button in the top right corner to assign the booklet to this beneficiary, then click confirm again to assign the booklet.


After you have selected the correct beneficiary, confirm the details on this and then tap ‘Assign’ to confirm the distribution.

Restart the above process for each new beneficiary.

Import File Format

In order to correctly import data using a spreadsheet as your data source, there are some critical format rules that need to be followed in otder for the import to work correctly.

Please see here the sample file which you can use as a guide to assist with formatting the document correctly.

Good Sample.xls.

Create and Run a General Distribution


Welcome to the walkthrough for carrying out a general distribution within the Humansis.


Please open your web browser and go to address:

Type in your username (email address) and password, click the ‘I am not a robot’ checkbox and click Login to load the application.


Click on the Projects button on the left menu bar to access the Projects page.

Then click on the New+ button to add a new project.

Add all the project details in the provided boxes. (You can select multiple sectors.)


Click on the Import Beneficiaries in the box in the middle of the page.

Click on the Convert File button. Find the beneficiary file on your computer that you wish to convert. Click on Open. The application will then download the file automatically to your computer.

Open the file on your computer. Click save to choose the My Documents folder in which to save the file.

Click on Add File or Drag and Drop and find the converted file on the computer that you just downloaded. (It will be in the My Documents folder on your computer). Select the file and click Open.


Select the Project that you wish to attach the beneficiaries.

Click the Import button to import the beneficiary data.

Click on the Projects button on the left menu bar to access the Projects page.

Click on the red Add + button in the top left of the Distributions Table to add a new distribution.

Select the location, date and type of distribution form the drop-down menus on the left.

Select the Selection Criteria by clicking on the New button on the top of the page. (If you wish to simply add all beneficiaries, Add Date of Birth criteria and simply select today’s date).

Then select the type and number of commodities to be distributed by clicking the New button on the bottom right of the page.

Finally, click Create to launch the distribution.


Once you are satisfied with the distribution list, click Validate to lock the list in place.

If you are going offline or to an area with unsure Internet connectivity, then also click on the Offline Mode button to store the distribution information in the browser.

Once all the distribution lists have been confirmed and you want to proceed with distribution of the vouchers.


Click on the Projects page, then click on the relevant project from the list at the top.

Then click on the Lock Icon beside the distribution you are working on.

When a voucher booklet is distributed, click on the check box next to the beneficiary name and click Set as Distributed.

If you wish to also add the booklet number manually, click on the Magnifying Glass next to the beneficiary name and type the voucher codes in the box provided.

Set Up a New Project


Click on the Projects button on the left menu bar to access the Projects page.

Then click on the New+ button to add a new project.

Select from one or more Sectors from the drop down list available.

Select the start and end date of the project, either using the popup calendar select or typing in DD/MM/YYYY format. (The end date can be adjusted later, if required).

Select one or more donors of the project from the available list. (If you cannot see the correct donor listed, then please contact your Humansis administrator.)

Type in the total number of target beneficiaries, either households or individuals.

Add any further details about the project in the notes section.

Change Your Password

Click on your User Icon on the top right corner of the browser window.

Then click on Profile.

Enter your current password in the ‘Old Password’ field.

Then type your new password twice, once in the ‘New Password’ field and once in the ‘Re-type New Password’ field.

Then click Save to save your new password.

PLEASE NOTE: The password must have a minimum of 8 characters, one capital letter and have no recurring characters.