Create and Run a General Distribution


Welcome to the walkthrough for carrying out a general distribution within the Humansis.


Please open your web browser and go to address:

Type in your username (email address) and password, click the ‘I am not a robot’ checkbox and click Login to load the application.


Click on the Projects button on the left menu bar to access the Projects page.

Then click on the New+ button to add a new project.

Add all the project details in the provided boxes. (You can select multiple sectors.)


Click on the Import Beneficiaries in the box in the middle of the page.

Click on the Convert File button. Find the beneficiary file on your computer that you wish to convert. Click on Open. The application will then download the file automatically to your computer.

Open the file on your computer. Click save to choose the My Documents folder in which to save the file.

Click on Add File or Drag and Drop and find the converted file on the computer that you just downloaded. (It will be in the My Documents folder on your computer). Select the file and click Open.


Select the Project that you wish to attach the beneficiaries.

Click the Import button to import the beneficiary data.

Click on the Projects button on the left menu bar to access the Projects page.

Click on the red Add + button in the top left of the Distributions Table to add a new distribution.

Select the location, date and type of distribution form the drop-down menus on the left.

Select the Selection Criteria by clicking on the New button on the top of the page. (If you wish to simply add all beneficiaries, Add Date of Birth criteria and simply select today’s date).

Then select the type and number of commodities to be distributed by clicking the New button on the bottom right of the page.

Finally, click Create to launch the distribution.


Once you are satisfied with the distribution list, click Validate to lock the list in place.

If you are going offline or to an area with unsure Internet connectivity, then also click on the Offline Mode button to store the distribution information in the browser.

Once all the distribution lists have been confirmed and you want to proceed with distribution of the vouchers.


Click on the Projects page, then click on the relevant project from the list at the top.

Then click on the Lock Icon beside the distribution you are working on.

When a voucher booklet is distributed, click on the check box next to the beneficiary name and click Set as Distributed.

If you wish to also add the booklet number manually, click on the Magnifying Glass next to the beneficiary name and type the voucher codes in the box provided.