Convert Distribution Protocol to Import File Format

Please see here the correct file format for the distrbution protocol to be converted.

Distribution Protocol Template.xls

Click on Beneficiaries on the menu on the left of the screen.

Click on the +Add button on the top left of the table. Then click on Import.

Click on Convert File on the top left of the table.

Select the location of the region in which the imported beneficiaries are located.

Click on Add File.

*IMPORTANT* The convert file will be downloaded to your computer. Open the file from your computer’s download folder and save it to your documents folder.

Returning to the Humansis application. Drag and drop the file into the ‘Import File’ box. Click on the Projects drop down menu and select the project in to which this beneficiary information will be attached.

Then click on the Import button in the bottom right of the table.

If there are any issues with the file, a red popup warning message will appear at the bottom of the screen. Please fix the errors accordingly and try and re-import the file as per the above instructions.

If there are no issues, the households will import and you should receive a success message. Click on Ok to continue.